Careers in Fashion Marketing

Careers in Fashion Marketing

With a career in fashion marketing, you’ll be the driving force behind shopping trends, coordinate fashion shows, and merchandise department stores or small boutiques. These careers often enjoy fast –paced environments and frequent travel to meet the demands of trendsetting fashion shows and popular designers. But what makes fashion marketing different from other fashion degrees? Aspiring students of fashion marketing are trained in both design and business management.

What types of fashion marketing careers are out there? The following titles can include, but are not limited to:

Assistant Fashion Buyer

Assistant fashion buyers help influence trends by purchasing clothes or other inventory sold in stores. Also analyze complex sales reports that will help predict the future of your market.

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion merchandisers analyze market trends to help predict the next popular fads. You’ll be responsible for creating each season’s fashion line sold to consumers. Overseeing production costs and supervising sales are also integral parts of this occupation.

Retail Store Manager

Store managers motivate sales staff and make key decisions for a retail location to help a company reach its sales goals. Also respond to all complaints, manage inventory, and host special events or promotions to promote a brand.

Runway Coordinator

Runway coordinators create and coordinate fashion shows, catalogs, and ads for popular designers.

Those with innate creative abilities are well suited to careers in fashion. With a higher education, you’ll also be able to specialize your marketing skills and give yourself a competitive edge. Consider a career in fashion marketing from reputable schools like The Art Institute or the Academy of Art. While both schools have campuses across the nation, they also make education accessible by offering some degrees online.

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